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Spotlight on Social Security

Veterans Disability and SSI Benefits

Are you aware of how large the backlog of veterans disability benefit claims is? A recent report from the VA shows more than 400,000 cases are awaiting disability and the average time in waiting is around 220 days. Many of our American Veterans are suffering while waiting on their highly needed benefits.

Even though there may be efforts under way to assist our American Veterans in receiving benefits, just how great of a priority is it to the VA to get our veterans disability benefit coverage? In a recent press release, VA officials were awarded a bonus package of 3.8 million at the same time the administration was backlogged 600,000 cases.

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After spending most of your life working to support your family, retirement can be a dream come true. You’ll have the time to visit your family, enjoy your hobbies, and see your grandchildren. However, if the government has made a mistake calculating your contributions or payments, you may not ever be able to realize your retirement dreams. Safeguard your rights.

Social security calculates your benefits based on the earnings averaged over your lifetime. Your earnings are adjusted for wage increases, and then applied to the 35 years you earned the most money using a complex formula. But if the government botched the job, you could stand to lose thousands in social security payments. It’s estimated that social security will cover about 40 percent of your living expenses when you retire. Don’t let the government cheat you out of your hard-earned money.

An experienced attorney will be able to help you appeal a decision and file the appropriate paperwork so that you get what you rightly deserve.

Some of the areas that a social security law firm can handle for you are:

  • Apply for Social Security Disability
  • Determine Medical Support
  • Keeping positive relations with the DDS
  • Updating information with the DDS examiner
  • Managing contact with the Treating Physician
  • Filing a Request for Reconsideration or Reconsideration Report
  • Representation at an ALJ or Administrative Law Judge Hearing
  • Preparing a Dire Need Letter if necessary to the Office of Hearings and Appeals

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