Veterans Disability Benefit

Are you aware of how large the backlog of Veterans Disability Benefit claims is? Recent social security numbers reported from the VA shows more than 400,000 cases are awaiting disability and the average time in waiting is around 220 days. Many of our American Veterans are suffering while waiting on their highly needed benefits.

Below are some of the reasons that the VA may deny your benefits:

  • EOB or Explanation of Benefits form insurance required
  • Beneficiary not eligible on date of service claimed
  • Requesting – OHI –Other health insurance clarification not received
  • Service not covered for the diagnosis listed

The VA’s proposed budget for 2008 calls for 450 more claims evaluators that would bring the waiting time for veterans that file social security down to around 145 days. However, this is still next year’s forecasting. In a recent release by Jim Nicholson, the secretary of Veterans Affairs announced the formation of a formal, 17- person committee that will advise him on ways to improve VA programs serving veterans of Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) and Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) and their families.

Even though there may be efforts under way to assist social security for disabled American Veterans in receiving benefits, just how great of a priority is it to the VA to get our veterans disability benefit coverage? In a recent press release, VA officials were awarded a bonus package of 3.8 million at the same time the administration was backlogged 600,000 cases.

Do you or a loved one have a veterans disability benefit issue and need to speak with a professional? Contact a Social Security Law Firm to help you with your veterans disability benefit matter today.

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