Welfare Benefits

Welfare is a system of programs run and funded by the State and Federal government to assist to persons and families living below a minimum level as determined by the various states.  There are different types of welfare benefits.

Welfare Benefit Programs

There are many types of welfare programs that assist low-income people with necessities.  What is available varies from state to state.  Welfare eligibility is required for all of these programs. Some of these programs are listed below.

  • Section 8 Housing is a type of welfare housing. There are section 8 housing units and Section 8 housing programs.  Under this program, the beneficiary does not pay more than 30% of their income for housing.
  • Medicaid is medical welfare.  The program is run by the states with state and federal funding.
  • Supplemental Security Income – is a program run by the Social Security System
  • TANF, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, or cash assistance is available to bring income into households where there is minimal or none.  The purpose of the TANF program is to allow income into the homes so that children, elderly or other dependants can be cared for

Do You Need A Lawyer?

Each program has fair hearing rights and you have the right to legal counsel.  Consult with an attorney that specializes in benefits law if you feel you have been denied your rights under any of these programs.


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