Will my pension decrease my SSI payment?


When I turn 55 in a month, I am going to be getting a pension from a job I had a while ago. I’m currently receiving SSI. Will this decrease my SSI payment? Is there anything I can do to prevent it, or does pension income lower SSI payment every time? 


Whether or not your pension income will decrease ssi payment amount depends upon how high your pension income is. While those receiving social security retirement benefits after the age of 65 can work and/or earn other income and not have their benefits reduced, those under the age of 65 will have retirement benefits reduced if they are earning additional income. Furthermore, those earning SSI or supplemental security income benefits cannot earn over a certain amount per month or their benefits cease. As of 2010, if you earn over $694 ($1031 for married couples) per month in non-wage income, your SSI benefits will stop. If you have further questions about this issue or your benefits, you can contact an experienced social security attorney who can provide you with additional guidance.